Business Plan Development

If you need a business plan for a start-up business or an on-going business, I can customize a plan for your need. I will provide a projection month by month for the first 12 months, itemized by each income stream and broken down by every category of expense for your company, including debt service. The remaining 4 years will be broken down in the same categories, but will be presented by annual totals for each year. This will allow you to evaluate your initial capitalization needs and working capital needed until sufficient cash flow will provide your day-to-day needs.

Cash Flow Management

I can assist you as a consulting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in managing your cash flow. I will work with you in planning your cash flow needs by projecting your Accounts Payable due dates and comparing that with your Accounts Receivable income. I can help you plan purchases and expansion projects.

Monthly Statements Analysis

Many business owners do not analyze the monthly statement that their bookkeeper/CPA prepares for them. I will help you understand them and develop critical information and trends so you can better manage your company.


Every business needs an annual budget. I will develop your budget based on your past year?s history and changes projected for the new year. This will give you a road map for success. I will also develop a monitoring plan which will compare your projected budget to your actual performance so monthly adjustments can be made if profits or expenses are out of line.

Loans and Refinancing

If you need a new loan for capital expansion or working capital, or if you need to refinance your existing loan, I can prepare a loan request package for your bank or lending institution. I work with conventional bank loans and SBA loans. I was a bank loan officer for 25 years and I know what your banker wants. I can prepare your loan package so every question your banker could ask will be answered in advance.

Purchasing a Business

I can help you evaluate the purchase price based on its past history and determine whether or not it will cash flow based on the debt service needed for the purchase. I can also develop a business plan and loan package for your lending institution.

Expansion plans preparation and analysis

If you are planning to expand, I can project the expansion and show you the profitability of the expansion and determine your new break-even point for the expanded operation.

Evaluation of accounting system

I can evaluate your accounting system as to whether it is giving you relevant and complete information and if it is meeting your current needs.

Financial management duties

I will be a team member with you in supplying current financial information so you can make business decisions based on the best available information. I do not replace your CPA, nor interfere with your relationship with them. My function is to give you current financial information so that when you go to your CPA/Tax person at the end of the year, you are organized and your information is accurate.

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